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Dr Nadia Kamangar DDS specializes in general dentistry in Olney, MD. Our reputable dental clinic offers you great dental care based on invaluable experience and in depth knowledge. For teeth cleaning, teeth restoration, dental exams and dental implants, trust in a professional service with an expert dentist.
It is recommended that you visit a dental center every 6 months for an oral check-up, and not just when we cannot endure a toothache any longer or our teeth becomes so sensitive to hot and cold liquids that sensitivity becomes unbearable. Other evident signs that you need the attention of a dentist are: mobile teeth, mouth ulcers and inflammation, broken teeth, bleeding gums, and damaged fillings. Teeth cleaning is just one part of great oral health maintenance.
Regular visits are essential if healthy teeth and gums are a priority for you. During a visit, our reliable dentist at Dr Nadia Kamangar DDS will give your mouth a comprehensive check-up to check for potential problems like whether you will need to fill in cavities, the build-up of bacteria-loving plaque, and the healthy condition of your gums. The second part of the visit will be dedicated to giving your teeth a professional clean with specialized tools specific for removing tough tartar. Polishing and flossing may also be a part of this process.
Do you want to improve you appearance? Do you want to feel better about your smile? As a dental specialist, an orthodontist is adequately able to help patients achieve better oral health and better straighter looking teeth. An important job of such a specialist is finding the most effective method to correct misaligned teeth. There is no longer any reason for you to feel self-conscious. Book an appointment at Dr Nadia Kamangar DDS and get expert care and specialized treatment for teeth imperfections. 

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